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:(مرحوم آیت الله مجتهدی تهرانی (ره

یک روز در ایام تحصیل در نجف اشرف، 
پس از اقامه نماز پشت سر آیت الله مدنی،
دیدم که ایشان شدیدا دارند گریه می‌کنند 
و شانه‌هایشان از شدت گریه تکان می‌خورد،

رفتم پیش آیت الله مدنی و گفتم: 
ببخشید، اتفاقی افتاده که این طور شما به گریه افتاده‌اید؟

ایشان فرمودند: یک لحظه، امام زمان (عج) را دیدم که 
به پشت سر من اشاره نموده و فرمودند:

«آقای مدنی! نگاه کن! 
شیعیان من بعد از نماز، سریع می‌روند دنبال کار خودشان
و هیچکدام برای فرج من دعا نمی‌کنند.
انگار نه انگار که امام زمانشان غایب است!»
و من از گلایه امام زمان (عج) به گریه افتادم.

کتاب مهربان‌تر از مادر
انتشارات مسجد مقدس جمکران


The deceased Ayatullah Mujtahidi Tehrani (r.a.) related:

"One day during my studies in al-Najaf al-Ashraf, after the call to prayers, I was standing behind Ayatullah Madani, and I noticed he was crying so hard, to the point that his shoulders were shaking up and down. 

I went to Ayatullah Madani and said, “Excuse me, but has something happened that you are crying in such a manner?” 

He replied, “In one moment I saw Imam al-Zaman (ajtf) pointing to those standing behind me and said, “O’ Mr. Madani! Look! My Shi’ah after their prayers rush off to their own affairs and none of them prays for my reappearance as if they don’t have a care in the world that their Imam of the Time is in hiding”, and I cried heavily because of the things Imam al-Zaman (ajtf) said.”

From the Book: Kinder than a Mother

Holy Jamakaran Mosque Publications

Why did you complain about Me near My servant?’


Jabir asked Imam Baqir (a.s): “What is meant by perseverance with gratitude?”

He said: “It means perseverance without complaining to the people.

Abraham (a.s) sent the Blessed Jacob (a.s) to one of the monks for some reason. When the monk saw Jacob, he thought he was Abraham. He rushed ahead and hugged him, and said: ‘Welcome, friend of God.’

Jacob said: ‘I am Jacob, the son of Issac, the son of Abraham.’

The monk said: ‘Then why do you look so old?’

He said: ‘Sorrow and grief, and illness has done this to me.’

He was about to depart when revelation came: ‘O’ Jacob! Why did you complain about Me near My servant?’

Then Jacob fell down in prostration next to the door and said: ‘O’ God! I will never do this again.’

God revealed to him: ‘I will forgive you, but never again do this.’

From then on, he never complained about any calamities. Just once he said: ‘I take my complaints about grief and sorrow only to God. I know something about God that you do not know’ (Quran 12:86). “

Mishkat ul-Anwar

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